What are storage racks?

The storage rack is a metal support designed to house, Stock, save and accommodate objects, charges or merchandise that are not in the process of manufacture, sale, transportation or that are simply waiting to be sold or delivered to the market. a client.
This type of storage allows to expedite the transfer of said object, so that the delivery to its addressee is more efficient.
The rack is a very widespread storage system. Its success is due to its functionality and design:
– They are structures free of mechanical complexity.
– The assembly is relatively simple.
– They have a considerable charges capacity in terms of weight and volume.
– Optimize the available space, especially in height.
– They adapt to any space and do not require major maintenance.
– Pallet placement in the rack must be done mechanically.
There are 2 types of industrial racks:
All the Storages need to take advantage of the space in the best possible way and in this sense the rack turns out to be the most viable option, since it offers resistance, durability and speed of assembly. We can classify them into 2 large areas and then these are subdivided into several types according to the needs of each warehouse.
-Selective Rack: they are flexible in level regulations and work with all types of products. They can be handled manually or with mechanical equipment. They guarantee a perfect stock rotation. They are extended or modified according to the space requirements.
– Rack Drive-In or Accumulative: they allow the access of a stacker (crane type) inside, increasing the horizontal storage capacity, since it only requires an access corridor to the load. Work with the LIFO system.
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