What are the waste in the industry?

Within the waste, there is a classification of different types in the Industry:

  1. Overproduction: Produce items for which there are no production orders; this is to produce product before the consumer requires it, which causes the parts to be stored and the inventory to increase, as well as the cost of maintaining it.
  2. Unnecessary transportation: The unnecessary movement of some parts during production is wasteful. This can cause damage to the product or part, which creates a rework.
  3. Overprocessing or incorrect processing: Not being clear about the requirements of the clients causes unnecessary production processes, which add costs instead of value to the product.
  4. Inventories: Excess of raw material, inventory in process or finished products cause long delivery times, obsolescence of products, damaged products, transportation costs. storage and delays. Also the inventory hides problems such as uneven production, delayed deliveries of suppliers, defects, downtime of equipment and long set-up times. At the same time, staff is needed to take care of it, control it and deliver it when necessary.
  5. Unnecessary movement: Any unnecessary movement made by the staff during their activities, such as looking, searching, accumulating parts, tools, and so on. Walking is also a waste.
  6. Defective products or rework: Production of defective parts. Repairs or rework, scrap, replacements in production and inspection mean wasted management, time and effort.

The rework is one of the waste present in the industry. It consists of performing an operation on a piece that has been defective in a process with the aim of converting it into a correct piece according to the quality parameters and rejoining the production line.
The goal of Metrics Mexico is to minimize the amount of rework, with an adequate quality management system.

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