What is inspecting a product?

In an industrial enterprise is the procedure by which check the specifications of raw materials and products finished, also the operating regime, the parameters of the process, etc.
In the Industry they are inspected:

  • The characteristics of the product: For acceptance purposes (inspection of
    entry, in the process and final).
  • The quality of the process for regulating or controlling the process  (preventive).

In the early stages of development, quality control is based on the inspection of the finished product,but in this way the inspection was faced with an accomplished fact, separating the good and the defective products.
Nowadays, due to the massive nature of the production and the complexity of the manufacturing processes, the losses caused by the good productions of the defective ones are high, so the inspection is organized based on the principle of prevention.
Special attention should be given to the automation of activities of projection and manufacturing of the products, including those related to the control of the process which causes a displacement of the personnel controlling the quality and of the inspection of the finished product and of the process towards previous stages (development and perfection of the product).
In relation to the entrance inspection, it tends to be considerably reduced as the agreements and quality commitments of the suppliers are consolidated, insofar as there is a guarantee of the materials received, the entrance inspection has evolved from the 100% inspection until no inspection is carried out when there is complete confidence in those received.

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