What is Procurement logistics?

Procurement management is considered a crucial activity in the reduction of costs within the value chain together with the improvement of the quality of the products or services offered to customers.
Procurement management is of great importance in the proper functioning of a company because:

  1. Impacts directly on production costs.
  2. It affects the quality of the product and the final service to the customer.
  3. The reduction of expenses and costs in this area maximizes the benefits of the logistics system.

Benefits of Procurement logistics

  • Greater predictability in delivery times and, therefore, increased punctuality in operations.
  • Reduction of costs, thanks to savings in transportation and spending related to visits to suppliers for management, inspection or development purposes.
  • Improvement of the image of the company, which demonstrates its commitment, interest and investment in the local community; something that also affects the same suppliers, who earn in recognition.

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