What is the Supply Chain?

A supply chain is the set of activities, facilities and distribution means necessary to carry out the process of selling a product in its entirety.
It is a strategic and logistic function that involves all the operations that are essential for a product to reach the final customer in optimal conditions.
The supply chain consists of three basic elements:

  • Supply: refers to the activities necessary to obtain and deliver the raw materials necessary for production.
  • Manufacturing: is the process where the raw materials are transformed to get the product or service different.
  • Distribution: is responsible for getting the products or service to final consumers through a transport network, commercial premises and warehouses.

The main objective of the supply chain is to satisfy the needs of the final customer in the best possible way. The above includes the following subjective:

  • Deliver goods and services on time
  • Avoid unnecessary losses or losses
  • Optimize distribution times
  • Proper management of inventories and warehouses
  • Establish adequate communication and coordination channels
  • Deal with unforeseen changes in demand, supply or other conditions.

Metrics Mexico helps you operate in coordination so that the internal supply chain is efficient and effective.

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