What quality inspection consist

When your product doesn’t meet the quality specifications for the market to accept, the result may be the loss of products, profits, delayed shipments, waste of material, and the potential risk of the recall of your product.
Quality inspections at different stages of production can help to monitor the quality of the product in order to ensure that the requirements are met, as well as the delivery date.
During production, the product will be inspected to verify that the quality requirements and expected specifications are being met.
This process is very useful in case of repetitive production defects. It will help you identify in which part of the process the problem occurred which will provide the necessary data to create a solution to solve problems with the product.
Why carry out a quality inspection?

  • Avoid expenses in time and money for returns.
  • Avoid anomalies in the appearance and assembly of your product.
  • Anticipate unexpected situations and hasty decision making.
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