What’s 'blockchain' technology about?

The blockchain, a technology capable of managing and validating transactions between individuals and companies.
Many organizations are interested in starting to test it to know the returns it can generate. With it, they mainly seek to solve problems of traceability, privacy and auditability, although they may also benefit from an improvement in cybersecurity.
In this sense, it is worth noting that the blockchain contributes to the protection of data, the maintenance of privacy and respect for property. Proof of this is that it is already used in banks and ports, and is beginning to be used to guarantee the traceability of food products.
However, in the logistics field, many companies have not yet seriously considered the possibility of using this technology either in their internal processes or in their relationship with customers. Although they are beginning to show interest in it, as the research reflects, no concrete actions have been taken to address its implementation.
In the future, its use will be key to communication with the last mile user, since it proposes a work scheme that provides security and confidence in the reception of the package. However, the agents that cover these operations need to bet on this solution in a determined way to guarantee their evolution.

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