Why implement JIT in your industry?

The main objective of the JIT is to reduce waste and improve the quality of products or services by satisfying the needs of customers.
A JIT system includes a line flow strategy to achieve high volume production at low cost. Its objective is continuous processing, without production interruptions. Achieving this objective means minimizing the total time required from the beginning of manufacturing to the invoicing of the product.
Other objectives of the JIT system are to improve the competitiveness of the company and reduce costs, eliminate all waste.
JIT benefits
-Decrease investments to maintain inventory.
-Increase inventory turnover.
-Reduce material losses.
-Improve global productivity.
-Financial costs fall.
-Savings in production costs.
-Less storage space
-Quality problems, bottlenecks, coordination problems, unreliable suppliers etc. are avoided.
-Rationalization in production costs.
-Obtaining few wastes.
-Effective knowledge of deviations.
-Each operation produces only what is necessary to meet the demand.
-There are no random or messy processes.
-The components involved in the production arrive at the moment of being used.
The method just in time is of great importance for all companies has become a competitive advantage, reducing costs, generating that the materials arrive just in time for their production as well as the product or service reaches the customer. Applying the method just in time results in the company being efficient in its operations, this method is not simply a function but is a true management philosophy that helps improve activities inside and outside the company. Write us at infomexico@mesinc.net for more information.

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