Why Invest in Nuevo León?

It has a variety of industries that make Nuevo León a leading player nationally and internationally.
Among the industries that stand out in our state we find: iron and steel, machinery manufacturing, metal articles, automotive, chemical products, cellulose and paper, glass, mud, earthenware, ceramics, textiles, cement, electrical, electronics, tannery and rubber products, cigars, footwear, beer, oils, soaps, dairy products, packing machines for fruits, vegetables and meats, among others.
In the following points we define the reasons that have made Nuevo León an ideal state for investment:
– Strategic location.
– Skilled labor.
– Connectivity with NAFTA.
– Wide supplier base.
– Global business environment.
Among the main countries that invest in our State are: United States, Argentina and Spain. The sectors from which much of the investment results come from: Manufacturing, automotive, financial sectors, Electric Power Distribution, Water and gas supply to the final consumer.
At the moment the state of Nuevo León registers 120 industrial parks, in different municipalities such as Apodaca, Santa Catarina, Ciénega de Flores and Escobedo. There are 13 industrial warehouses under construction.
At the moment the industrial sector that requires industrial parks to carry out its processes are: logistics, electronic commerce and manufacturing.
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