Why work with a manufacturing company?

Working with a contract manufacturing company can facilitate the administration of the entire sourcing process from beginning to end, that is, finding a manufacturing supplier that has the capacity to manufacture its parts and can meet its quality and time specifications. delivery, having your products delivered to your door.
Provisioning service providers charge certain fees for managing purchase transactions, but there are many advantages to using a contract manufacturing provider instead of contracting manufacturing on their own:
-Local offices: a supply company with people on the ground in the countries where manufacturing is obtained can avoid many problems. Not only will they be able to communicate effectively with suppliers, they will have the ability to visit production facilities frequently, they will audit quality standards, and they will know much more about a supplier’s company than a supply provider without a foreign presence.
-Supplier identification: a contract manufacturing service provider can free you from the trouble of identifying and verifying suppliers. Experienced contract companies can quickly identify a provider that can best meet their needs. They know which companies have the capacity to manufacture their parts, they have visited and audited the production facilities and they know which suppliers have the best quality history and tools and production on time.
-Quality management: Quality control process management is vital when suppliers are used to produce their parts. A good contract supplier will have systems in place to verify the quality of the products that are produced. From the quality of raw materials to production methods and parts inspections, a good quality control program is essential for the successful supply of offshore manufacturing.
-Logistics: Working with an experienced contract manufacturing company can lead to lower shipping rates than the manufacturing supply on your own. A good supply company will work hard not only to identify the best rates for shipping in containers, but also consolidates your order of parts with other orders where only a partial container is necessary. The consolidation of smaller orders in containers can generate great savings, either in shipping rates in general, or by eliminating the need to order and keep orders for larger parts than necessary.
-Domestic operations: it is advantageous to ensure that your supply company has the means to offer value-added services, such as parts communication, final machining, assembly, coatings, painting or anodizing. This guarantees that your parts are ready to work, either a final or necessary part for the production of your product.
-Inventory management: A sourcing company that offers inventory and storage management solutions can save you money on inventory management yourself. A good contract manufacturer will offer parts launches with JIT shipping for your convenience.
MES, Inc. is a full service provider of global contract manufacturing services. Our value to our customers is our ability to manage the entire Supply Chain Management process, from sourcing, manufacturing, export / import, logistics and storage solutions.
Write us at infomexico@mesinc.net for more information and see how we can save you time and money on manufactured components and supply chain management.

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