3PL (Third-Party Logistics)

3PL (Third-Party Logistics)

We specialize in integrated operations of warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and customized to customers’ needs, based on market conditions, to meet the demands and delivery service requirements for their products.
Pick and pack, warehousing, and distribution
tracking and tracing, cross-docking, specific packaging, or providing a unique security system

  • Inventory control at MES Metrics Mexico through SAP and LISA Warehouse Management System
  • Inventory Reports through email or web page access.
  • Operational and Administrative personnel.
  • POD Administration.
  • Receipt process includes: unload, blind count, entry in system and warehousing.
  • All material is to be received identified and with documents to verify receipt.
  • Warehousing in IMMEX program.
  • Warehousing in racks.
  • Warehousing managed by FIFO.
  • Use of Forklifts, Surveillance 24/7 CCTV
  • FTL, or Full Truck Load
  • LTL, or Less-than Truckload
  • Hotshot (direct, exclusive courier)
  • Next Flight Out, sometimes also referred to as Best Flight Out (commercial airline shipping)
  • Expedited services: (direct, exclusive courier) Immediate delivery or “just-in-time” (JIT)
  • International Expedited



Managing a warehouse and maximizing its efficiency are not something every company can do well . Or should try.

For most companies with complex and business-critical inventory management needs, the smart choice is outsourcing its warehousing needs to an organization that has proven it knows how to run a warehouse, and how to reduce inventory costs.

  • Greater agility in the handling of component inventory
  • Shorter processing times
  • Reduction in operating and labor costs


Our team of certified six sigma engineers assures that all our processes undergo continuous improvement to help our customers keep their carrying costs low, their component quality high and their inventory investments minimized. Many of our customers struggle in providing or having good feedback due to the end markets they serve.

MES has developed its custom software which forecasts the future 30/60 and 90 days usages, which have been proven to be more accurate than customer provided forecast.

MES will use its own planning analytics to achieve high On-Time Delivery of 99% while keeping inventory metrics (ODSI) between 40 – 90 based on the part rank, shipping pattern and supplier limitations.

Warehouse services available from MES

The implementation of high, low and modification procedures

Identification and handling of materials with barcodes and radio frequency tags

The optimization and maintenance of the storage system (software) and physical distribution

Enhanced control of the entry and exit of materials and merchandise from the warehouse

Shelter and conservation of materials

Cross docking per product and per order

Custom-Built Automation

A proprietary software program is used by MES to integrates its SAP, ERP and MRP systems. This give MES – and its customers – unprecedented clarity on the status of every project, warehouse and shipment for MES customers and their supply chains.

Every factory and warehouse affiliated with MES is equipped with the ability to manage supply and inventory from a smartphone. Project insight and control are available through apps built by MES for iOS and Android phones.

MES benchmarks its operations on a monthly basis against the best-in-class suppliers as indicated by SuAn MES engineer can log in and take pictures of parts, production or problems and log those pictures as updates, which then are integrated with inventory attributes through SAP.


The data is then electronically provided to selected management staff almost immediately to keep them informed of the status of operations and customer fulfillment.

Through the integration of their SAP ERP and MRP systems, MES has end-to-end visibility of their inventory, warehouses in transit, suppliers, and orders and ensures 360 transparency through a portal built especially for their suppliers.

Cost and time savings
Cost and time savings

Related knowledge and great expertise

More global networks enabling greater time and cost efficiencies.

We constantly update and adapt to match the requirements of our customers.

Low capital commitment
Low capital commitment

If most or all operative functions are outsourced to us, there is usually no need for you to own your own warehouse or transport facilities, you will lower the amount of capital required for business. Due the actual high variations in capacity utilization, which leads to over purchasing of warehouse capacity and reducing profitability that you wont have to worry.


You will focus on your core business. Leave the Increasing complexity in business to us.





We provide higher flexibility for geographic distribution and offer a larger variety of services.
We manage zone skipping to potential clients, it shortens the distance between products to be shipped and customers, resulting in lower shipping costs.

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