Quality Inspection

Revise and Inspection of the Merchandise; they are activities related to quality control and apply to the different delivers that the project may produce.
one of the objectives of quality control thought inspections is to determine the compliance and integrity of the deliverables. If they don’t meet the objectives, Corrective actions or defect repair, among others, will be recommended.
Product Inspections are a key element of quality control that allows you to verify the quality of the product on the site at different stages of the production process and prior to its issuance. Inspecting a product before it leaves the manufacturer’s Premises is an effective way to prevent quality problems and supply chain interruptions in later steps.
Sometimes a defect is detected in your company or in the filed and you have the need to certify the quality of the material performing an inspection or drawing of the whole lot.
That can result in a high cost and a big complaint with the client. a better and more economic solution is hearing the services of MES Metrics Mexico.
foresee defects inspecting materials, tools and analyzing the manufacturing process.

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